What you need to know about the latest graphics-related technologies

Graphic design tools are growing in popularity, and they are increasingly being used by designers to create a variety of visual assets.

But what is graphic design and how do you get started?

The answer to that is: there are lots of tutorials and books on the subject.

Here are some of our favourites.


The graphic designer’s bible The graphic design bible by Daniele Bologna is a collection of resources for graphic designers and graphic artists alike.

It contains a wealth of information and advice on everything from graphic design, image creation, fonts, colours, typography, logos and more.

It’s a great resource for anyone looking to learn how to make their first graphic design.

The book also contains a section on how to build a website and a section for visualisation and development.


Designing from scratch with Adobe Illustrator A good starting point to learn about how to create your own graphics can be found in Adobe Illustrators Design Guide.

This is a comprehensive guide which covers everything from basics of graphic design to how to take your design ideas and put them into action.

This can include both free or paid versions, and you’ll find it’s a good way to start.


Adobe Photoshop The Photoshop CS5 tutorial is one of the best tools out there for starting out in the world of graphic designing.

You’ll find the most comprehensive guide on the web, and it is well worth checking out.


Design-a-tuts – How to make your own interactive artwork.

This book was published by Visual Capitalist and has a great deal of great advice for beginners, and for experienced graphic designers, too.

It covers everything in-depth from layout, colours and layout templates, typographic principles and more, as well as the tools needed to create and design your own artwork.


A designer’s guide to graphics, with examples from the internet The Designers Guide to Graphics, published by The Design Factory, is a great source of resources and guidance for anyone who is starting out with the craft of graphic creation.

There are a lot of great resources on the internet on how designers should be approaching the art form, from the basics of photography and drawing to how graphic designers can use Photoshop to create stunning images.

This article is a good one for beginners and even more advanced graphic designers.


Graphic design book by illustrator-in-residence, Michael M. Smith The illustrator’s Guide to Graphic Design is a book by the illustrator Michael M Smith that has everything you need when it comes to creating and using your own designs, and more importantly, a great guide for the budding graphic designer.

This resource is full of good advice and practical tips, from using Photoshop and Illustrator to learning basic layout principles, and much more.


Design by the numbers: the most essential tools for graphic design In a time when the world is becoming increasingly digital, designers are always looking for more tools for the job, and this book by graphic designer Daniel C. Farrar is a must-read for anyone new to graphic design who wants to make use of the latest tools and techniques.


How to get started with Adobe Photoshop A good introduction to Photoshop is the Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Getting Started in Photoshop.

It has lots of great tips and information for beginners as well.


Adobe Illustrations Design Guide by Dani Fuchs Graphic designers, artists and designers can be a difficult bunch to work with.

We’ve already covered how to design and create images using Photoshop, and the Adobe Illustration Design Guide is a wonderful resource for graphic artists.


Design for a living: a graphic designer guide A graphic designer and illustrator guide to help you build and grow your skills, and get a sense of what you’re good at. 11.

Design Thinking: How to think creatively about your design work The Design Thinking series by Danis Bolognese is a superb guide for aspiring designers and is a fantastic way to get some inspiration for what you want to achieve.


Graphic Design and Photography 101 – from the ground up This graphic design course covers everything you should know about graphic design from basics to Photoshop, Illustrator, and in-browser.

It is also an excellent place to get ideas and ideas for creating some great images.


A graphic design tutorial by designer Daniel J. C. Johnson Graphic design is a hugely complex process and is well suited to those who are just starting out, so this course by Daniel J Johnson is a worthwhile introduction to the art of graphic development.


Graphic Art: From Illustration to Photoshop: A visual design primer This book by design-a to-the-point design guru Danie Le Bologne is a fun, practical and very practical introduction to graphic art.


Graphic illustration tips and tricks by artist, illustrator and designer Nicky Taylor If you’re just starting to learn graphic design or illustration, this is the book for you.

This guide provides all the tools you need