Top graphic designers in the UK

Designers in the United Kingdom have the highest salaries in the world, but their salaries have been falling over the past year, according to a report.

According to the Salary Report, which analyzes the earnings of top graphic designers, designers in London, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Birmingham are earning an average of £11.8 million a year, while graphic designers at New York and Los Angeles are earning £13.6 million a years.

Those in London are also the highest earners in the U.K. according to the report, with salaries topping £17 million a decade ago.

“We are seeing a massive rise in the wages of graphic designers and graphic designers are making more money than ever,” said Simon Williams, founder and CEO of Salary Report.

“It’s not just about design salaries.

There’s a lot more to it.

I think the demand for graphic designers is growing exponentially.”

The report says that in the last decade, graphic designers’ salaries have fallen from £13 million in 2006 to £10 million today.

In 2017, graphic design salaries in Britain fell from £16.4 million to £12.6 billion.

But in 2017, only 9.4% of graphic design jobs were filled by graphic designers with no graduates or those under 25.

“I think we’ve been in a very stagnant job market,” said Williams.

“The demand for people to work in graphic design has really taken off over the last few years.”

The rise in salaries has been driven in part by a shift to freelancers, with a recent survey finding that more than a quarter of freelance designers are working full-time and freelancing a whopping 35% of their income.

And the rising demand for designers and designers’ work is also leading to an explosion of digital services.

“It’s going to become a lot easier for people with designs that aren’t on a site to get paid,” said Jules Lefevre, co-founder and CEO at London-based freelancer agency Tonic.

“We’ve seen this rise in demand for design services over the years and the opportunity is there for people who aren’t necessarily designers to get a leg up.”

As freelancers’ paychecks increase, so does the demand to hire graphic designers.

“I’m working more and more on graphic design projects, especially now that we have the ability to pay freelancers,” said Lefavre.

“There are so many different designers that want to work with us, so we’ve had to look at every angle.”