Powerpoint graphic designer resigns over racist ‘white genocide’

Powerpoint design and graphic design consultant for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, James Buehler, has resigned.

Buehl, who was appointed in December, resigned from his position after the White House and Department of Justice decided to pursue charges against him for allegedly spreading “white genocide” on social media.

Buedler, who is black, has a history of making racially insensitive comments, including tweeting that white people “don’t really exist.”

Buella was also accused of making racist comments about President Trump, saying “I’m a Trump supporter, so I think I’ll be voting for him in November.”

Buedhler resigned from the Whitehouse on Thursday.

“I made a mistake,” he said in a statement released by the Office.

“The department has apologized to me, and I am grateful to the WhiteHouse for its support and understanding.

I will always be an advocate for diversity and inclusion in my work and in my life.”