How to make a simple circle graphic design

Designers can easily create a simple graphic design.

This tutorial will show you how to use an image to form a circle, and show you some simple steps to make that design happen.


Find a circle of your own design.

There are many free and free-to-use options to make your own circle design.

For our purposes, we’re going to be creating a simple white circle with a red background, which is easy to find on the internet.

Create a white circle, using a circle graphic editor like Adobe Illustrator, or GIMP.


Draw a circle with the circle graphic.

We want the circle to be a circle.

So we’re gonna draw a circle on the page with a ruler.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the ruler, but you can use anything you like.

For instance, you could draw a line with a pencil.


Cut out the circle.

You can use your sketchbook, your computer, or just your finger.

It doesn’t really matter, but make sure you get something that looks good on your screen.

We’ll be cutting out the circles using the ruler tool.


Fill the circle with your design.

Now that we’ve made our circle, we can fill it with our design.

We’re going with the outline tool, which makes it easier to see the design in the circle, but it also lets us easily move the design around.

To fill the circle in the middle, we start by using the ellipse tool.

Now we have a rectangle in the center, and a circle that’s slightly offset.

We fill that in with a blue circle.

Next, we fill the edge of the circle using the circle tool.

We don’t want to draw the circle too close to the edge, so we’re drawing a small ellipsoid.

Finally, we add a border around the circle by using a rectangle.

Once you’ve filled the circle and its edge with your graphic design’s outline, it’s time to add the border around it.

The border is made up of two parts.

One is a solid color that you’ll be able to change to whatever color you want.

The other part is a gradient color that is also transparent, but makes the circle more transparent.

Once the border is applied, we have an area of the image that we can draw on top of.

We can do this by drawing a black line in the area that will be the border.

Once we’ve created our border, we need to add some text.

To do that, we use the circle’s ellipth tool to add a circle outline.

We then fill in the ellipsis with our graphic design text.

Then, we just repeat the process for the other side of the shape.

To add a gradient to the background, we do the same thing as we did for the ellipop.

We draw a white line across the top of the ellippedia, then add a red line below.

Finally we fill in a white background around the edges.

To create the gradient, we draw a black and white gradient from the circle outline to the ellipedia outline, and then the background color to the gradient.


Add text.

When you’re done, the circle design should look something like this.

It’s important to make the circles appear larger than the image, so make sure they don’t look flat.

Once they look good, it should look like this: So now we’ve got a simple design, but how do we make it look even more complicated?

This is where the circle graphics editor comes in.

This tool will let you create a graphic design from the circles you’ve drawn.

For example, we could add a background color, and also fill in some text that will tell us what the design looks like.

You could also add some sort of graphic shape to the shape to make it more obvious, or even to make some of the design’s edges appear sharp.

Here’s how we can do that with a simple drawing.

Select the circle you’ve just drawn, and right-click it.

Now, choose the “New Circle” option.

Now you can choose your circles and fill them with the design.

You’ll see a circle editor pop up that shows you all the shapes that you can draw in the circles, and lets you add them to the drawing.

The first thing you’ll see when you open a new circle is a little circle that looks like this, but we’ve added some text to make sure we can see it better.

To use this circle editor, select the circle that you’ve created, and choose “New Circles.”

In the circles editor, you’ll have the options to add text, add shapes, and even change the size of the circles.

Once all of the shapes have been added to the circle editor by selecting them, you can click the “Save” button to make all of your circles ready to be created