How to get a big ad on Facebook

Facebook is facing growing pressure to boost the number of ads on its platform, with the social media giant having struggled to find new ways to drive more traffic and revenue.

Facebook’s latest efforts have focused on more traditional channels like print, television and digital advertising.

Facebook says it has now increased the number in both digital and print advertising by nearly 60 per cent, with print ads increasing from 4.7 per cent to 5.1 per cent of total advertising.

Advertisement Advertisement Facebook says the new ad policies are being rolled out in a number of ways across the company.

The social network says it’s working with advertisers to help them build better campaigns and deliver more relevant and interesting content.

“It’s about building a more targeted, personalized, relevant advertising experience,” Facebook said.

The ad platform’s ad teams are working with businesses and brands to create new ways of driving traffic to their content, including creating targeted ads for specific audiences.

Advertisement Facebook’s digital advertising team also said it is working with publishers to improve the content of their ads.

“We’re looking at ways to increase the visibility of brands in their ads,” said Adrienne Hsu, Facebook’s vice president of digital.

“Advertisers will be able to easily target their ads to specific audiences, or target to specific groups of people.”

Facebook said it’s also trying to improve its mobile advertising strategy, which it describes as a “comprehensive” approach that includes targeting mobile users with tailored ads.

The company says it is also working with app developers to build better apps for mobile and tablet users, including for mobile video.

Facebook is also testing new mobile ad formats that include more “real-time” video ad formats.

These will include more interactive video ads that are delivered via mobile devices and will allow advertisers to reach audiences on different screens.

“Mobile video ad spending has grown rapidly in the past year,” Facebook says.

“As a result, we’re exploring ways to make it easier for advertisers to engage with consumers on mobile and improve the way that mobile ads are delivered.”

Facebook says more ads on mobile will help it build its digital advertising business and expand the reach of its advertising network.

Facebook said mobile ad spending increased by 6 per cent in the US last year, the biggest increase of any of the 10 countries surveyed.