How to become a graphic designer: How to be a junior graphic designer

Graphic designers, like the majority of people in our profession, are struggling with the same issues that are plaguing designers everywhere.

The industry has become a hotbed of online harassment, and the problem isn’t going away.

A recent survey found that 25% of designers say they’ve been a victim of online abuse.

The problem is so bad that even people who don’t actively participate in the online world feel the impact of it.

So how do you become a good graphic designer?

Here are the top 5 steps to becoming a graphic design junior.1.

Understand the difference between design and development2.

Look for good design mentors3.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn more4.

Be patient and flexible when learning new skills5.

Develop a strong portfolio of work and be willing to pay the price for it6.

Keep your skills sharp7.

Take the opportunity to get professional support and professional advice8.

Practice your craft9.

Keep improving your skills and develop them to your own professional standard10.

Enjoy the company of others