‘Graphic Design is Not A Job’

Graphic design is not a job, and it’s never going to be, said Gartner’s chief executive, David Pinder.

The technology company’s research firm released its annual survey on digital marketing, where it found graphic design as the second most-valued industry after video.

The firm also found graphic designers had seen a 30 per cent rise in salaries over the past three years.

“We believe that graphic design is an important and growing area of the economy, but we don’t think it’s the only area of design,” Pinder said.

“What’s important to note is that graphic designers are the first line of defence against a growing threat to their jobs.”

There’s also a new job for graphic designers, with the publication of a new book by Graphic Designers Association of Australia.

It outlines some of the best resources to get started with graphic design and what to look for when applying.

In the book, The Graphic Designer’s Toolkit, it outlines the basics of graphic design: designing logos, logos, design guides and templates.

“It’s a book that will help you to know how to do your own graphic design in a more effective way, with fewer errors and more confidence in your work,” the book’s author, Peter Larkins, said.

Larkin, who worked for design agency Design by Design, said that the book has helped many graphic designers find their voice.

“For a while, there were only two or three people that were really doing this,” he said.

The book contains tips on how to build a portfolio and create a professional brand.

“I think it has really been an incredibly valuable book for a lot of people,” Larkas said.

In his book, Larkans says that the most important thing about graphic design was to “never say no to anything”.

“I would say, never say no,” he wrote.

“The more that you have done it before, the more confidence you’ll have that you can do it again.”

Graphic design jobs are growing by the day, said the author of the book.

“There are now more graphic designers than there are designers,” he told 7.30.

In terms of how many jobs graphic designers do in Australia, Pinder believes there is a significant amount of demand for the profession.

“If you look at the number of jobs in this sector, we’re seeing a lot more job opportunities than we were a few years ago,” he added.

The survey found graphic designs are seeing a 30-percent rise in the past four years.

This includes a jump of 60 per cent in the number working in the hospitality industry, and a 33-per cent increase in graphic design for businesses outside the hospitality sector.

The industry is seeing an increase in the amount of people entering the industry, with more people choosing graphic design over other professional occupations.