Fiverr to hire graphic designers for graphic design courses

Adobe has been recruiting graphic designers to help design its online courses, it said on Wednesday.

The recruitment comes as Adobe and Fiverrs seek to boost its online learning offering.

The company said that its Graphic Design Training programme would be available to new members starting in the third quarter of next year.

It said it was a first for Adobe and it wanted to encourage designers to apply to work on the course.

The recruiter, called Fiverrer, is recruiting designers to develop a portfolio of images and video, a theme for the course, and a website that will be used to manage the course and track the progress.

It added that Fiverrers training programme would involve creating a portfolio, developing a theme, and developing an online website.

“Fiverr is committed to building a better future for creators, with a range of career-related activities that will support creators in making a real difference in the world,” Adobe said in a statement.

“We are looking forward to welcoming the talented team members to our team.”

Adobe has been searching for talented designers for its courses since the beginning of 2016, when it launched its online graphic design programme.