Alyssa N. Johnson to open the first new apparel boutique in Chicago in six years

The owner of a new fashion boutique is getting the first piece of new apparel retailing from her family.

Alyssa Johnson will open her first retail store in the city this fall.

The 42-year-old Johnson, a longtime Chicago resident, is the latest to open a fashion boutique in the area.

Johnson opened her first Chicago-based fashion boutique, New Directions, in 2014, and is also a fashion designer with designers Stella McCartney and Lauren Cohan.

It opened in the Loop’s Old Town neighborhood and has expanded to the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University at Albany.

Her latest project is a collection of high-end clothes for women and children.

She’s working on clothing for kids, including a line of kids clothing.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Johnson said her goal is to have a boutique that will be able to cater to the entire family.

She hopes to open by September, she said.

The opening is Johnson’s second.

She opened a fashion store in downtown Chicago in 2012.

“I think we’ve been working on it for a long time,” Johnson said.

“I just hope I get to go on and do a really big thing.”

Johnson is also planning to open another fashion boutique this fall in New York City.