A poster with the logo of an upcoming film, ‘Lion King’ has been found on a wall in the UK

By next week, a poster that was meant to be a poster for the next film in the Lion King series may be gone.

It was one of the posters used to advertise the upcoming film ‘Lions of London’ and was found in a hallway at the Battersea Studios, a new film production facility that opened this year.

It is one of three posters that were found during the construction of the new production facilities.

It was used in a promotional video for the film that was screened at London’s Royal Festival Hall last month.

One of the other posters found in the hallway was from an upcoming production in the same film series, ‘The Lion King: The Book of Secrets’.

The poster was found during an investigation into graffiti that was discovered in the film.

It said: ‘The film is set in the world of The Lion King and focuses on the story of The King of the Jungle.

It features a new character, The King, and his wife, the Queen of the Kinsale Jungle.

A new character named Mufasa is introduced and he is voiced by Jason Momoa. 

The posters are part of a series of six posters that will be displayed in the new facilities, which will be named ‘Libraries’.

The poster is part of the larger set of posters that are also meant to attract people to the new film locations.

It shows a drawing of the Lion king holding a sword and an emblem of a leaf with an opening in it, along with the word ‘LION’ on a white background.

It has been a while since a poster of the original Lion King was found.

It had been used as a promotional poster for ‘The Jungle Book’ when it first opened in 2011.

The Lion king poster, which was part of an investigation by the BBC in 2012 into graffiti found in London’s King’s Park, has now been removed from the building.

The posters will be replaced by the posters that have been found, which are meant to lure people into the new buildings, said a spokesman for Batterstash Studios, which is a subsidiary of BFI.

The poster found by the BFI spokesman said:’It is the first poster in a series that will have been produced by the studio. 

‘The poster, when used in the upcoming films, will have a new story line and a new look. 

There will be posters for each film in its franchise, including Lion King, which features the King of Kinsala and the Queen and Prince of Kintala.’

Lion king posters are usually used in promotional videos and other events in order to entice people to visit the film locations, but in recent years, the production company has seen a drop in attendance.

The latest poster, in which the lion king appears on a red background, was created in 2012 by a British company called the Lion Forge, which has been producing Lion King posters for years.

The company’s posters were created in an attempt to attract a younger audience to the film and have become a popular fixture in London.

Lion Forge did not respond to a request for comment.