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| Politico title Trump to press 2020 presidential campaign ads ‘to protect the GOP from the Democrats’, according to source article Trump on Tuesday unveiled a new super-PAC to defend his party from Democrats and boost his presidential chances ahead of 2020, vowing to “defend” Republicans against the political establishment.

Trump on Tuesday released a new political action committee, “Make America Great Again,” with the explicit goal of defending Republicans against “political correctness, fake news and the fake news media,” in a clear bid to build a base that could help him fend off a 2020 primary challenge from Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who is the favorite to win the GOP nomination.

“The goal of this PAC is to provide the conservative base of the GOP with the tools and resources necessary to fight for the values that matter most to Americans — freedom, independence, and the American dream,” Trump said in a statement.

“The PAC will help to ensure that the Republican Party remains a leader on these issues and the president-elect is able to articulate his policies and programs in a more consistent and consistent manner.”

Trump’s decision to create the super PAC comes amid a tumultuous year for the Republican party.

In January, Trump withdrew the support of former President Barack Obama, whose reelection to the White House would have helped him secure a second term.

Trump also announced that he would not be participating in the 2020 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

“As President, I will always stand with Republicans and Americans, even when that means I have to step aside for the good of the country,” Trump wrote in a January 21 letter to members of the Republican National Committee.

“I will never forget the people who have fought for our country and won it.

I will never stop fighting for their freedoms and their country.”

Trump and his campaign have made no secret of their disdain for Cruz, the most prominent 2016 Republican presidential contender, and his outspoken opposition to the president’s agenda.

In the wake of the 2016 election, Cruz told The New York Times that Trump had “taken us backward” and had “destroyed the Republican brand.”

“There’s no question that this is going to be a fight, and it will be one of the most important,” Cruz told the Times in an interview published in February.

“And we’re going to have to have the guts to go through this.”

The decision to launch the new superPAC, which Trump described as a “very small PAC,” is likely to give Cruz more ammunition in the 2018 election.

He is also likely to spend more time campaigning in states that vote early in the calendar, such as Iowa, where Republicans have a competitive House seat.

Trump and Cruz’s primary rivals, Sens.

Marco Rubio of Florida and Rand Paul of Kentucky, have all endorsed Trump’s presidential bid.

The candidates have been locked in a war of words since the Republican primaries began.

Trump has criticized Paul’s father, former Sen. Bob Paul, for failing to endorse him, while Paul has been a vocal critic of Trump.

Cruz has also been under intense scrutiny from Democrats, who have been critical of his refusal to endorse Trump.

The Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, said in March that Cruz should be the first to admit his shortcomings as a presidential candidate, adding that the Senate’s Republican leader should have chosen Cruz as his running mate.

“I think the Republican establishment should have done it long ago,” Reid said.

“They should have taken a look at him.

If they had taken a peek at him, he would have been the Republican nominee.”

Cruz, a tea party darling, said last week that he is ready to run again in 2020 if he is given the chance.

“If I were given the opportunity, I would run for president again, because I have been proven to be one person who is unafraid of the American people,” Cruz said at a rally in New Hampshire.

“But if they don’t have the courage to do it, then I’m going to make it absolutely clear, I’m not going to.”

Trump on Monday also announced the formation of a new pro-Trump super PAC.

The PAC, called Make America Awesome, will be led by former Rep. Matt Gaetz, a conservative Texas Republican who endorsed Trump last summer.

“Make AMERICA Awesome will have all of the resources and resources needed to defend our country from the threat of political correctness and fake news, from the fake media and from the liberal elites,” Trump announced.

“It will have the resources to defend and support the president, who will not only be our commander in chief, but will have a powerful and successful Republican Party as well.”